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5 Big Players in FREE Cloud Storage

I recently renewed my web hosting with who have been my host providers for a few years now. One of the new features they have for customers is a Cloud Drive. This is a 256-bit encrypted drive which can sync with folders on your computer. They also have an iOS and Android app for good measure. It got me thinking about the free cloud drives available today.

Storing your stuff in the cloud is not a new thing but is increasingly becoming a more popular way to store your photos and documents. My first exposure to cloud storage like a lot of people was DropBox. The super simple way to sync your documents across your computers and mobile devices has proved to be a massive hit with consumers. Other bigger companies have now jumped on the bandwagon.

The list below shows some of the best (in my opinion) providers for cloud storage and what kind of space and features they offer. The list is not exhaustive and comprises mainly of the big dogs. It also only shows the FREE plans these providers offer. For more details regarding pricing and plans, please visit their websites.


Windows Live Skydrive


Amazon Cloud Drive

Google Drive

What's cool is that if you have an account with each provider, you'll have a whopping 42GB of totally FREE cloud storage. Just got to remember what you have stored where.

Other notable mentions include ADrive which offers 50GB for free to new customers, ZumoDrive and SugarSync.

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