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5 Cool Sublime Text Plugins

Sublime Text 2 is now officially my code editor of choice after being a long time user of Eclipse. The conversion was easy and a no-brainer. The lightweight nature of Sublime and the level of customisation is simply awesome. Here's 5 cool plugins I'm using at the moment which are all available via Package Control.


"-" FTPSync allows users to upload and download files directly to their server without ever having to open an FTP client. Features include checking if you are updating the latest version of the file, upload on save and download file on open.


"-" This plugin allows you to visualise the colours you are using in your stylesheets. As soon as you place your cursor inside a hexadecimal, RGB or named colour, the background will light up.

YUI Compressor

The YUI Compressor by Yahoo and part of the YUI Library is great for minifying and compressing your JavaScript and CSS files. The plugin automatically creates a new file with .min.js or .min.css extension.


When using CSS Preprocessors or minifying and compressing, you need to manually "build" the result file via a key command when you've finished editing. I don't like the manual nature of this. SublimeOnSaveBuild automatically builds your file each time you save it.

ASCII Decorator

"-" ASCII Generator is a fun plugin which does what it says on the tin. Type some text, highlight it and hit SHIFT + ALT + K to convert what you typed into ASCII magic. Nice for prettifying comments.

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