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A Few New IronReader Features

I've been quite busy over the last couple of weeks but have still been reading all of the comments, emails and tweets I've been receiving about IronReader. Based on some feedback, I have introduced a few (small) features to the application to hopefully make life easier.

Unvalidated Accounts
Users now have the opportunity to resend themselves a validation/verification email to confirm their email address upon registration. Some users have not been receiving these emails so this will hopefully allow you to send another one. Please check your Spam and Junk folders if the email doesn't appear in your main inbox. This new feature appears as a link on the login page.

Trending Subscriptions
There is a new page on IronReader called Trending which shows the latest and most popular subscriptions on the application. You have the option of quickly adding these to your own subscription list too.

Import on Mobile
I had previously disabled importing OPML on a mobile device as devices running iOS for example only allow you to "upload" photos and Android just comes up with an invalid file error so I was a bit stuck. After a bit of thought, I have enabled the Import feature on mobile and when you click this, you will now notice a new textarea in addition to the select file input where you are able to paste in the contents of an OPML file. This should now enable users to import their subscriptions from other readers on a mobile device.

Finally, I have added a Search feature where you can search IronReader's directory of almost 20,000 feeds. This page is a live search as you type tool and gives you the opportunity to quickly add a subscription to your list.

In time, I may amalgamate the Discover, Trending and Search pages into one which probably makes more sense but until then, this is what's new.

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