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Blackbird Pie: Embed Tweets Into Your Blog Posts

After browsing a view blogs and noticing that some authors embed tweets into their posts, I was intrigued. Initially, I thought these were just screenshots of a user's timeline at first but then I noticed that they were fully interactive and functional in terms of links etc. After doing some investigating, I found a solution, albeit not an official Twitter one.

Blackbird Pie is an experiment by @robinsloan who is on the Twitter Media team to encourage bloggers to use tweets as quotes with full functionality of hash tags, @ mentions etc.

An example of an embedded tweet looks like:

@LewisHamilton well done on the china win. Well deserved. Let's have some more of that! #bbcf1less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

The Blackbird Pie generator is located on the Twitter Media site and all you have to do it paste it the full URL path to the individual tweet and it will generate the code for you. The good thing about it is that the p and a tags on the embedded tweet will match your CSS on your site so it will fit in nicely.

There are a few alternatives I am yet to explore including Publitweet and Tweetpaste but I'm sticking with Blackbird Pie for now. Wordpress users will be glad to know that there is a plugin that does all this for them.

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