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DVision3 Crashing On Snow Leopard

Sometimes there is a need for me to join movie files together, particularly AVIs. I am using (and have been for some time) a French program called D-Vision3 for the Mac developed by Objectifmac.

I find it very easy to use, fast processing and unnoticeable loss of quality. It uses a variety of codecs such as ffmpegx and avimerge.


A few days ago, I tried to launch the program as normal and it crashed almost as soon as it had launched. After reading the crash reports a million times, I still couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. Another weird discovery was that I logged into my wife's user account and launched the D-Vision and voila, it seemed to open without any interuption.

I was now on a mission to figure this out. I though that maybe the last time I used the program, that it hadn't shut down properly and it had maybe cached my previous session and not destroyed it properly.

I went to Amit > Library > Caches and deleted all inside that folder. I read somewhere online that it was safe to do so but still nothing.

I then navigated to Amit > Library > Application Support > D-Vision 3 and inside this folder was a file called tasks.bundle.


I deleted this file and tried to relaunch the program and finally I got it working again. I think that I had shut the program down while it was processing a queue and it didn't seem to like it and each time I opened it, it tried to launch the same queue again and again.

I hope this helps anybody with the same problem. I don't usually write blog posts like this but because there seemed to be no help whatsoever online, I decided to post my fix to the masses.

You can download DVision from (Mac only)

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