Amit Dhamu

Software Engineer

F1 Result Finder Web Application

As you may know, I have been using the Ergast Motorsport Developer API for a while now mainly to power my F1 Race Countdown Widget. Since the API has so much information, I wanted to develop a full-blooded application that visualises the vast amount of data that the web service has to offer. I have therefore built a Formula 1 Result Finder which gives you comprehensive race results from each Formula 1 event since 1950.

The application is built using plain old HTML, CSS and PHP but has been responsively designed to work beautifully on all (most) web capable devices. The design is bright, colourful, flat and fits in with my new website design.

The application is also very efficient. I have built it in a way so it saves responses from the API locally to my server in JSON files. This means that for each event, the application will check to see if the results are available locally before going off to poll the API. This benefits users in terms of speed and page loading times and also the API server which won't appreciate successive, multiple hits for the same pieces of information.

This application has been designed to be as lean as possible but JavaScript is recommended for a better experience.

You can check out the app at Hope you like it.

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