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Software Engineer

Iron Reader Featured in MakeUseOf

When I first started to build Iron Reader, it was mainly because I wanted a quick and easy way to scan through articles from my favourite sites.

Once I had finished, I decided that it was worth a shot tweeting a few tech sites to see what they thought of the application and any feedback they could give me. The only site to get back to me was a writer from MakeUseOf.

A few weeks later, my application has been featured in a post on MakeUseOf. Since the article has been published, I have gathered an additional 160 users - something I did not expect and this number is growing at a steady rate each day.

I would like to thank all that have emailed me about the application positive and negative. I understand there have been some issues with users validating their accounts which is something I am looking into.

I understand there have been some feature requests. One of the biggest is Unread Counts. This is something I tried to avoid when building the app. I wanted it to be quick and clean. I understand that some users like to see what they have left to read. However I also know users who see this as forcing them to read something just to remove the count badge. I get arguments from both sides but at the moment, I don't think that it is something I am likely to implement for Iron Reader just yet. That may change in time.

I still very much consider Iron Reader as it is at the moment as an alpha release and therefore a work in progress. I am still not completely done with design elements and certain features but I will add these in time.

I am open to other feature requests so please don't hesitate to email or tweet me with an idea. I'll definitely consider each one on it's own merit.

Thanks again to everyone that has registered and follow my blog for any updates and features I add to Iron Reader.

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