Amit Dhamu

Software Engineer

New Design

Welcome to the new and improved I tend to redesign my website about once a year and this time I thought I'd go with a nice flat design inspired by the Flat UI Kit from DesignModo.

Most of my custom non-Wordpress backend has remained the same albeit with a couple of more features.

I am writing this post using Markdown for the first time. I am using Michel Fortin's PHP Markdown library which converts all of my MD to nice clean HTML markup.

I have also removed the Labs/Tools from the site as they were just personal experiments and did not really add anything extra to the site.

I will be making a couple of custom pages soon for a couple of applications I have developed - one is my FREE Formula 1 Countdown Widget and one is an RSS/Atom Feed Reader.

I have developed the site with a lot of emphasis on responsive design and I have tried to limit JavaScript and jQuery to a minimum and instead try to use CSS3 where I can.

Hope you like the design.

Until next time!

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