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Pirelli F1 2012 Tyre Range

Pirelli did an outstanding job of taking over from it's well-heeled predecessor, Bridgestone in 2011 providing some of the most exciting racing that Formula 1 has seen for a long time (if you'll excuse the dominance of Sebastian Vettel).

Noticeably however, was that as the season progressed, the teams began to understand the tyres a little better and became less exposed to running out of rubber too quickly. This coupled with Pirelli becoming a bit too "conservative" with their tyre choices for the latter Grand Prix meant that the exciting racing towards the end of the season was not because of tyres.

Now Pirelli have announced their more aggressive range of tyres for the 2012 season.







All images are taken from Pirelli's official site where you can find more information about the performance of the P-Zero slick and Cinturato wet-weather tyres.

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