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Red Bull Racing Launch RB8

The 2012 Red Bull Racing Formula 1 car has been unveiled for the first time today via the team's official website.

The RB8, crafted by F1 design guru Adrian Newey OBE, is aimed at providing Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber the chance to add to the success of the team's two consecutive World Drivers' and Constructors' championships in 2010 and 2011.

Speculation about Red Bull's approach to the new regulations for 2012 has been rife and launching their car just one day before the start of testing at Jerez, Spain is going to have some teams thinking whether they have taken the right direction with their cars.

Evidently, the RB8 has it's own version of the "boxer's nose" syndrome although not as bad looking as the Ferrari or Caterham. I have to say that the paint job and decals cover that area quite well so it doesn't look as bad as it could of. On this subject though, like Martin Whitmarsh said, the best looking cars are the ones that are the fastest so although aesthetics are desired, it's performance that the teams are more interested in.

The RB8, like most of the 2012 challengers, is evolutionary of it's predecessor but as Jenson Button said at the Mclaren MP4-27 launch, Red Bull are not suddenly going to build a bad car after setting the benchmark for two and a half years and with Adrian Newey behind the drawing board, it's very likely to be competitive.

With the accelerated development of F1 teams, it will be very unlikely that the launch cars will be the ones standing on the grid in Melbourne. Let's hope the 2012 World Championship is more closely contested than 2011 was.

Roll on Jerez and let the testing begin.

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