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Sebastian Vettel: Picking Up Where He Left Off

The 2011 Formula One season is underway and congratulations to the reigning world champion, Sebastian Vettel for clinching the first victory of this years campaign at Albert Park, Melbourne.

The opening race for this season was not the most exciting but it was a solid start for the season and with the all-new rule changes regarding moveable rear-wings, KERS and Pirelli tyres, it was sort of like the teams were just getting acclimatised to the new regulations.

Great to see Lewis Hamilton on the podium; disappointing for Jenson Button to not get up there but his early battle with Massa took its toll for the former world champion.

Two great unexpected performers were Vitaly Petrov who drove like a bad-ass to grab 3rd place and Sergio Perez who, on his debut F1 race, somehow managed to get through the race on one pit stop. Sauber do look a lot better than last year and with strong drivers in Kamui Kobayashi and now Perez, things are looking good this season for the team. Not a good day for Mark Webber who managed only 5th in his RB7. He just doesnt seem to have the pace at this circuit. Also, disappointment for Mercedes as Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg both failed to finish.

All in all, a solid start to the season and one hopes that this is the shape of better things to come.

BBC coverage and the F1 forum was jokes. Great to see the team back on our screens and Happy 40th Birthday David Coulthard.

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EDIT: I have just read that the Sauber team were disqualified from the race! Apparently a technical infringement with their rear-wing under rules 3.10.1 and 3.10.2. Such a shame as they both drove wicked races.

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