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Git Commands

Initialise empty git repo

git init

Add all files to staging area

git add .

Clone repo

git clone #SSH
git clone #HTTPS

Commit all staged files without editor

git commit -am "My commit message"

Commit all staged files with editor

git commit -a

Create a new branch

git branch new_branch

Switch to branch

git checkout new_branch

Create a new branch and switch to it (shorthand)

git checkout -b new_branch

Delete a branch

git branch -d new_branch

Merge branch2 into branch1

git checkout branch1
git merge branch2

Add remote tracking origin

git remote add origin ssh://

Push to remote for the first time (new local repo)

git push -u --all


git push

Pull changes

git pull

See what's changed

git log
git whatchanged

Who changed what and when for a file

git blame file.php

See uncommitted or unadded files

git status

Show diff for all files

git diff


git grep "Search term"

Revert last commit

git revert HEAD

Revert to specific commit

git revert $commit_id

Reset to last committed state

git reset --hard


git tag v1.0

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