Amit Dhamu

Software Engineer

Front End


Developed by Facebook, Yarn is a better alternative to using NPM directly. It caches packages so is quicker and has better dependency resolution.


Yarn still uses NPM behind the scenes. I've also removed Bower completely and use Yarn/NPM for both front and back-end dependencies.

Gulp 4

I intended to use Brunch but couldn't get the setup I quite wanted. I decided to stick to what I know but play with Gulp 4.

Bootstrap 4

Similar to Gulp, I decided to stick to what I know here although I did look at Foundation. Instead I opted to explore what Boostrap 4 will be bringing.


Nunjucks is a pretty extensible template engine with it's syntax being quite similar to Twig. I felt more comfortable using this than Jade.


I'm a fan of CSS preprocessors and for some SASS is the only one. I like how I can override Bootstrap and keep my CSS clean and tidy.



When I first developed this app, I served it straight from Node. I wanted to leverage more power from my web server though so I decided to stick NGINX in front of Node as a reverse proxy.

Node 7.4

My first proper foray into the world of Node. I decided to go bleeding edge on this one.


PM2 is a process manager for Node. I also like that it can handle deployments fast and seamlessly.


In memory key value store.


This was a tough choice. I don't store much data in a database apart from some articles. I hadn't played much with Mongo and did consider alternatives such as Elastic, Redis and PostgreSQL. I thought I'd try out a NoSQL database and see if I really needed an RDBMS. Turns out I don't (for now).

Back End


I know, right?

Express 4

I'd looked at StrongLoop, SailsJS and they all seemed a bit too much for what I needed. Express 4 seems to have cut out quite a bit of bloat allowing to piece your app together with components you need.

Version Control


When it comes to version control, there's no contest; Git wins every time.


So I did switch to GitLab a while ago but Atlassian just do everything right. It all feels so natural so I decided to switch back to BitBucket for all of my private projects.


Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean offer affordable virtual private servers (VPS) and their service is fantastic. Would definitely recommend.



Over the last year, I've started to increasingly use Instagram as my main social media platform.


I still use it occassionally but my interest is dwindling, I must admit.


Scrobble the tracks I play on Google Play Music to LastFM and display that on the homepage using their REST API.



I've been sold on containerising my environment. At the moment, only in development but looking to do this for production too.